Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge…sigh..


Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg,VA

One of my favorite places to go with the littles is Great Wolf Lodge. This place is awesome.

Where else can you bring 9 people for two days of water park fun for under $139 a night?

Great Wolf Lodge is a hotel that features a 4 acres indoor water park where the temperature is always 84 degrees.


The key to ultimate fun at Great Wolf though is to get a deal.


Rooms at Great Wolf can cost up to $500 a night for a family our size. In order to obtain maximum savings please follow these rules.


Rules for Obtaining Ultimate Savings at Great Wolf

1. Make reservation Sunday-Thursday.

                     These are the days that reservation count is lowest. This is the time to get the best deal. They offer lots of discounted rates during this time. As homeschoolers we are able to use the code HOME, when making reservations and depending on occupancy gets a rate of $139 a night. Not a homeschooler? Great Wolf offers many other discounts that result the same rate. Lawyer?Doctor? First Responder? Veteran? They have discounts for everyone. Just ask! All reservations include a lovely themed room and a waterpark passes for all occupants!


2. Do not purchase any of the extras. 

                               Great Wolf Lodge offers much more than just a fabulous indoor water park. They have a bowling alley, movie theater, mini golf, kids club,kids spa, and a Magiquest wand game and much much, more. These add up to Mucho$$. Resist. You do not need this. Your kids will spend all of their time in the water park.


3. Bring your own food.

Break out the crockpot and hit the Aldi. A dealbreaker at Great Wolf Lodge is the food. They have an onsite restaurant  and gift shop but for 3 meals it will bust your wallet. Instead, bring your crockpot and food and SAVE! Each room comes with its own microwave and refrigerator. Now you cannot bring outside food into the waterpark area, but there are no limits to what you can bring into your room.


4. Get there Early and Leave late.

One of the joys(many) of GWL is early registration. On most  days they allow you to register beginning at 1pm. If your room is not ready you can still get your wristbands and head to the water park and they will hold your luggage at the desk. I would leave the crockpot in the car until you have a room!


Check out is at 11am but that does not mean you need to hit the road. Check out of the room but you can play in the water park for hours. We tend to hang out till about 4pm.

Ready to go? Go to www. or call 1-800.551.9653


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