Tightwad Mondays-The Goodwill Outlet

One of the most important ways to save money is to change how and where you shop. Almost always the best deal can be found when purchasing something used or  pre owned . All thrift stores and secondhand shops are not created equal . Sometimes a “thrift store” will charge you more than you would pay for brand new on clearance. Sadly this is sometimes the story of Goodwill.

But the Goodwill Outlet is another story.


In our area Goodwill has donation trailers set up in many shopping centers throughout the area, you can also bring donations to one of the 7 nearby stores. This is a very popular way to get rid of unwanted items cluttering the home, so as you can imagine Goodwill has a great deal of inventory. This is where the Goodwill outlet comes in. In order to keep stores uncluttered and filled with new merchandise, every 3 weeks Goodwill stores purge all merchandise that has been sitting around for more than 3 weeks and it gets transferred to the outlet.

The Outlet is fabulous! The pricing differ much from traditional Goodwill Store.

You see at the Outlet everything (except shoes and electronics) is priced by the pound. You got it I said by the pound!

Prices at our local goodwill price textiles or clothing at under 20 lbs.  $1.39

textiles or clothing over 20 lbs. at $1.19

housewares are $.59 per lb.

Seriously you can get a lot of loot for those prices.





These pictures show the results from a shopping trip to the outlet the kids and I took  last week. All of this cost $20.64.

Thats it.

Our haul consisted of many, many things, including 3 Nerf guns, two wreaths ( one is a lovely cork wreath I have wanted forever) 3 hats 3 pairs of gloves, two unopened lego sets baskets, curtains and more. The kids and I spent a little over an hour in the store. They have been come experts at searching for things that complete sets we have or that do not weigh much. The girls used their allowance money and were able to purchase 3 Littlest Pet Shop houses/playgrounds for under a dollar. This is below even yard sale prices. We saved so much money and had a good time. So check out the nearest Goodwill Outlet  near you. You will not be sorry.


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