Tales from the Crazy Chicken Lady

You may have noticed from some of my pictures that we have chickens. Chickens. I just adore them. I really just adore all animals but chickens definitely have a special place in my heart. Growing up in suburban New Jersey I really can’t remember knowing someone that had chickens. I can’t really recall even seeing one at a farm.

As we started to move out of New Jersey and into the country I knew I had to have chickens.


Michael once “Myrtle” our lovely rooster


My daughter Katie was so on the chicken bandwagon. She read tons and tons of books on them (aren’t those homeschool kids awesome?) and one day we made the plunge.

You see they actually sell baby chicks in the Tractor Supply store here. I couldn’t believe  it! They were selling farm animals in the store. I am pretty sure that I called nearly everyone I knew at the time telling them that in Virginia they sell chickens in the store! Live ones! Well getting back to the story, we adopted 12 lovely ladies ( we actually planned on only 6 but who’s counting?) and have loved them ever since.



Doesn’t every kid wear a Sean John suit and a bathing suit while corralling chickens?


They all have names and different personalities. I still remember the first night when they were old enough to spend the night in the coop. I think Katie and I checked on them about 3 times a piece. They were fine.  (Getting the feeling that I am the crazy chicken lady yet?) Four years later we still keep chickens.  Sadly only two of our original ladies are left. We have adopted a few more along the way but nothing was as special as our first flock.

The two ladies who remain from the beginning are named Aphrodite and Grandma. You will notice Aphrodite in many of our pictures because she is the most gentle. Named for the Greek goddess of beauty, she has the lightest feathers in the flock. We originally purchased chickens for the lovely eggs they lay. Their eggs are fabulous. As the years have gone by and our family has grown eggs are a special treat. I am not sure that they actually save any money, but we love them anyway. I think of chickens kind of like cats in the way that you have to earn their love. They don’t give it freely as dogs do. Keeping chickens has helped teach my children compassion for animals as well as how to deal with the sad death of one. ( Our chicken funerals are legendary.)



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