Its the Little Things That Add Up



 I have a confession to make. I wash ziploc bags. Sometimes aluminum foil. It is an addiction.


One of the major themes Amy D tries to drive home in The Tightwad Gazette is that the best way to save money is on the little things. The little things add up. Now I have read tons of articles and books that talk about the same “little things” Starbucks, eating out, convenience food, etc. But there are really so many more. Reusing and repurposing are really the key.


My dear friend Nad makes these. Ours has seen some wear. A great example of repurposing.


Those Ziploc bags cost a lot . Even at the Aldi a bag of 30 can cost $1.99. That is almost 7 cents a bag. The brand name Ziploc bags cost up to 10 cents a bag. This really adds up. I rely on this bags for my sanity in order to keep some organization in our house of many.Image


So I make it priority to keep these in stock while keeping the price down. We don’t eat meat in our house so most of the bags are pretty easy to clean. They can be washed in the sink with soap and left to dry on some old toothbrushes I use to clean our juicer with. If I have a lot of bags to wash i throw them in with our towels in the washing machine. Seem like a waste of time? Maybe but if we use two boxes of bags that are name brand a week, thats $24 a month. $288 a year. That is a lot money. So instead by washing them I can normally get by with one box a month.

Pretty fancy right?




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