Pallet Shelves

A few months ago while perusing the Craigslist free section. I noticed quite a few posts for free pallets.What can you do with old pallets? I wondered. Years ago (7 to be precise) I had tried to use pallets to make the pallet compost bin that is featured in the Tightwad Gazette. Let’s just say that things did not go well and now every time I mention building a compost bin my husband says well remember when…. Let’s just say we use a more informal composting system right now. Back to the story.

I googled old pallet uses and got sucked into the loveliness that is Pinterest. That is such a crazy amazing website. After wasting way to much time there, I had come up with some cool things to do with pallets. I really wanted these shelves.

So a few days later after picking up some FREE pallets and convincing my husband to build them.( I am still afraid of the saw)

I had them. They were super easy to make. There is a lot of tutorials on the internet. Like this one from Home stories a to z  . We didn’t do any of the sanding or staining as I love the rustic look of them. So check them out. They were free.




Pretty fancy right?


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