Tightwad Mondays-Decorating

I like pretty things.  I like things that are shiny and pretty and sometimes not so pretty,.



I have an obsession with weird farm animal things. The pigs are a favorite.

I homeschool my children and spend a great deal of time at home (sometimes.) I like my home to be filled with pretty things that are pleasing to the senses.

Sounds good right?

Not so easy when your goal is to save money and you have seven children.

So we improvise.


Nadia and Moo found this in the yard. They have assured me that it is a tumbleweed from the desert.

Thankfully we have the goodwill outlet to help us along.

Last week I tried to do this by attempting to make a book page wreath. There are tons of tutorials on the internet. I followed this one from the fabulous The Nester Blog. I will admit I was intimidated.

I knew that my wreath would not turn out like the tutorial.

I was ok with that.

If my wreath was different that was ok because it was mine and I had made it. (being a perfectionist can be crippling. Thank you FlyLady.)

It took about an hour and I did suffer lots of burns from the glue gun (It was my first time using it. It should really come with an instruction manual) but I am pleased by how it turned out.







Not perfect but definitely me. 

Most important

Cost to make came to about $1.00. I purchased the wreath from the outlet and the books the books had been given to us. I only had to pay for the glue sticks. 

Pretty fancy.


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