Confessions of a Tightwad- Fine Art and Music experiences on the cheap






I love music. I also love art. I love to see live shows and hear live music but I don’t like to spend to spend money. These two things don’t mix and normally result in us staying home. Much to my chagrin. I was delighted to find out recently about a wonderful program a nearby music hall has for adults and children. After hearing an advertisement for The Strathmore, on a local classical station, I was delighted to see on their website how affordable-read cheap it is to enjoy live music. The deal at the The Strathmore is that all kids 0-17 are FREE! You got it Free. This really is an amazing deal. In December I was able to take myself and 6 children to listen to Handel’s Messiah for under $50. 7 of us! It really was a great experience for the kids and has left me searching for more.

These deals are not only popular in the DC area nor only for music. Here in DC we have lots of free museums but littles can be free many other places.

In DC the Kennedy Center offers a free concert every night.

In Baltimore, the fabulous Walters Art Museum is always free.

In Boston the BSO offers free tickets to certain concerts for kids under 18

The Harbourfront  in Toronto offers free events all the time.

While not all venues offer free kids tickets they do offer half price at the least.

So check it out. There is so much to do for free!


You can get gain a wonderful fine arts experience for less than a run through the drive thru and McDonald’s.

Pretty Fancy right?


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