I want to buy a house.



I love real estate. I love houses. I love farms.

I want to buy a house. Really. I mean I  really really really want to buy a house.

Right now we can’t.

It kills me. 

My husband and I don’t use credit.We haven’t in almost 5 years. 10 if you don’t count our last car loan, which I guess you should.

A few years ago I stumbled upon Dave Ramsey. Ever hear of him? He is  a best selling  financial  expert who has made it his mission in life to help people escape from debt and its harms. Author of The Total Money Makeover, his plan has changed many lives.

The Total Money Makeover Plan is pretty simple. It has 7 Baby Steps

1) Save up $1000 for an Emergency Fund

2) Payoff all debt using the Debt Snowball

3) 3 to 6 months of Savings

( you can buy a house after step 3, the only debt Dave allows)

4) Invest 15% in pretax Roth Iras and pre tax retirement

5)Save for college for your children

6)Payoff your house early

7)Build wealth and Give

Biggest rule:CASH ONLY

Pretty easy right?


At least for me.

The cash only deal was easiest. Kind of. My husband and I have been all aboard using only cash. It is really hard sometimes but is totally worth it. I find peace knowing that everything in our house ( except our house) is ours and has already been paid for. The hard part has been the saving. I am not a saver. I want to be. But I am not. I am good at saving money but not good at actually not spending it somewhere else.

I spend a lot of money on gas.

When I am sad or stressed  I can’t be in the house and go out and spend. Not a lot but the nickel and dime stuff is what really keeps you from your goals.

Now I am sad about not being able to buy a house. Tired of having my husband work hard and have no money to show for it.

I am ready to grow up and face my behavior. 

I want us to be able to buy a house and not be up to our eyes in debt like all of our neighbors.

I need some accountability and I am going to use this as it.

When I fall I will tell you.

When I succeed I will share.

When we can finally buy a house, there won’t be anyone in the world how doesn’t know.

I need your help.

Pretty Fancy right?

Cash is King! is one his tag lines. He truly is a great man and an inspiration you should totally check him out.


2 thoughts on “I want to buy a house.

  1. Good for you Michele! We are taking the Ramsey class right now. Can’t imagine the cash only part. I’m okay with charging something and writing a check for that amount and dropping it by the bank the next day. But with all the online stuff we have to pay for, tuitions, applications, registrations……how do you do all that without charging it initially? I’m the same with a house. When we had to sell our home (have always owned) and start renting, ugh, it took me years to adjust to that. Still don’t feel like it’s ‘my home’.

    • Cash is hard Janet. We use our debit card for hotels and online things. We just prepare for big things in advance. But when its spent, its spent. That goes for gas, clothes, traveling you name it we pay cash for it. Christmas is sometimes hard, but we never have to wait for dreaded credit card bills to come in the mail after Christmas is over. When its over it is over. Renting has not been fun for us. We have had to move twice in the last few years because our rental houses have been foreclosed on. It has been really frustrated to have to come up with moving money, rent deposits etc, at the spur of the moment because of someone else’s financial issues. Not that we don’t have them too, ours just don’t affect someone else’s house. Our current house we rent because we have to. We searched for many months and saw over 35 houses. All lovely. It was really difficult to find someone to rent to us with such a large family. This is especially hard on my husband. He has a great job and would like to have a lovely house to show for it. Our house is not that bad but certainly not the best for us. Perhaps it will give his more motivation to move sooner. Best of luck with the Dave class. He is also has a show on Fox Business. When I feel down or jealous about what others have (purchased on credit) I listen to his Debt free Fridays. On Fridays people call in and talk about how they are debt free. It is fantastic.

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