Do you read the Journal?

Do you read the Wall Street Journal?


I love newspapers and magazines.

I just love being able to turn pages and reap new knowledge and then when I am done turn them into compost.

I am  a nerd.

We have tried receiving a few different newspapers over the years. Our local newspaper is good but I have found that the amount of spelling mistakes and poor grammar to be very distracting. We have also tried The Washington Post, but have found the bias( all media has one) to be overwhelming. A friend suggested the Wall Street Journal a few months ago. I really didn’t think we would enjoy it being it is supposed to be primarily a financial news paper.

Boy were we wrong.

I love it.

We love it.

It was a great deal.

I love that it is delivered early and on time to my door.( Thankfully we have finally overcome the issue with the carrier delivering to the wrong side of the street where nobody lives).

I find their bias to be in the middle and the content to be wonderful.

They will deliver anywhere.

Check out this deal. It is not only for a print subscription but also for e-edition and WSJ magazine all in together.

You will not be sorry.

They are currently offering this deal for students. Young or old as long are a student or have a student your are good.

$99.95 for year subscription

$29.95 for 15 weeks

or $8.49 a month for a year.

Pretty Fancy. 


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