Home Haircuts-the good, the bad, and the ugly

I cut my children’s hair.





I admit it. 



I am not very good at it.


Thank Goodness they love me. 



In the Tightwad Gazette, Amy Dacyczyn dedicates a few pages to cutting her children’s hair and how much money it saved her.

Upon reading this a few years ago I was super psyched up to give a go at cutting  hair.

It was not pretty.

Thankfully they were young and may block out that memory.

I have improved. A bit.

Home hairuts do save a great deal of money. I have 7 children. Haircuts every 6 weeks for a year at $10 a cut = 7*8.6*10=$602 a year! (not a math wiz here)

Home Haircutting costs are broken down here:

$1.00 for hair cutting scissors at the dollartree

$0.25 Towel purchased at the goodwill outlet 

$20 for clippers we purchased 5 years ago.

= Lots of savings.

( I think maybe I should add $14.95 for Haircutting for Dummies)

Thankfully my kids are gorgeous or the wonky hair cuts may be a problem.

They love saving the $$ though.

Give it a try.

Pretty fancy.


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