Monday Musings-President’s Day

Joining in with Nadja at Patch o’ Dirt Farm for Monday Musings!







Right Now…


I am trying to get the kids ready to go to Mount Vernon today for the annual free admission day! This is a huge savings check it out! David is splashing around in the kitchen sink. I hope that some of the water reaches the floor as our floor is quite dirty!





This weekend…. This weekend was very busy with playing outside, lots of Nerf gun fights and tons of laundry. Lots of tears were shed because we lost our dear pet chicken Aphrodite. She was our first chicken and was one a kind. We will miss her dearly.

Stephen spent lots of time working on his Persuasive speech for the tournament this weekend. Our speech and debate club has been such a blessing. We just love NCFCA. The girls spent lots of time crafting. Nadia just loves using charcoals and spent most of the weekend with them smeared across her face.


Some plans for the week…Our speech and debate club has a tournament. Thankfully it is in local! A tournament spans from Thursday to Saturday all day and can be quite hard on the littles ( and me!) Both Stephen and Katie have a Persuasive speech. I am so proud of them. Each speech must be memorized and about ten minutes. They are judged on poise, speech, dress and content. I cannot imagine standing up in front of strangers at that age. They are amazing. We are also going to work on some Lenten activities. A friend of mine has created a blog  to highlight some of the amazing activities and traditions she does with her children during holidays and feast days. I am excited to share some of these with my littles as I sometimes fall short in this area.


If I find some time for myself, I would like to…..Read, organize and budget. This winter has left us with a ton of clutter. I also want to refine our budget to be sure it meets Dave’s Standards.


I am grateful for…..This little coffee maker I picked up at Goodwill. We are out of coffee filters and this little wonder makes the most delightfully strong decaf coffee. Perfect since I ditched Starbucks for our budget and coffee from the pot is not strong enough.
Some special prayer intentions for this week: special intention


Something that makes me smile: The fashion choices of my Nadia always make me smile. This girl just loves patterns and prints.




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