The story of the newspapers, the kids, and the laminate





Once upon a time, there was a family with six children who could not find a house to rent. They searched and searched and kept being turned down.

You see the problem wasn’t money it was the children.

People just don’t like to rent to large families.

This family was so sad they did not know what to do.

Thankfully a friend told them about a house that was for rent next door to them that would fit the family and not care about the kids.

Only problem was that it was an older house from the disco era covered in nasty carpeting and kind of close to the road. The family took the house as they were happy for a place to go.

They were never happy about the carpeting.

Carpeting is soft, lovely and colorful but it has MEMORIES.

Yes memories. Smell memories, dirt memories, and mysterious stain memories.

Having a small herd of children we had shied away from carpeting years ago. It was just too unforgiving with the littles, and to be honest Me.

I spill more than the rest of them. So moving into this house was hard as we knew we would have to replace the nasty carpet.

Well life has intervened the last few years and with another baby and homeschooling and living…well, it has been s l o w progress.

We are in the home stretch now and I am so pleased with the results.

Yesterday everyone was raring and ready to go. We were pretty jazzed ( atleast I was) that I had scored the remainder of our flooring for only $3.50 a box last week on clearance from Home Depot and we were anxious to get it laid before something happened.

Well something did.

After about 3 rows were laid down we realized that we were out of underlayment. Most laminate flooring requires an underlayment to be placed under the floor to combat noise and moisture. We had been using rolls that were about $25 for a roll of 100 feet from Home Depot. This was not going to be able to happen today. It was just not in the budget.

So we thought and thought and thought and came up with quite a fancy idea. Upon googling alternative underlayment ideas I came up with nothing.

I could not believe it! There were hacks for everything!

I had just read an article about a house made of tin cans.

Seriously, but no alternative to underlayment?

Not to be squashed easily we brainstormed.


We had lots of this that we save for our garden but the problem was that it does not come in equal widths. Having come across an DIY forum about old houses, I saw a post that mentioned newspaper that used to be used between old houses for installation. Why not for our underlayment I thought? Not only would newspaper provide a noise barrier, it would also provide a moisture barrier as well. Also because we could control the width of the layers of newspaper we used it would help compensate for the inconsistencies in our subfloor.

Now I know what you are thinking. Newspapers are more flammable right?

Wrong. We tested and found the newspaper to be no more flammable then the underlayment we were currently using.

The results were fabulous.



Here’s what we did.


We gathered about 7 tied bundles of newspaper, free from the dump.

We asked and they said we could take all that we wanted.

The newspapers were then sorted into sections of four pages each.




Then we slid each four page  section under the already laid flooring row, with of it slid under. We then laid a row on top of this and repeated.

For our 17×19 room it took about two bundles.We have lots left.



The littles and I camped out in the furniture strewed kitchen.



So today I am so pleased that not only do I now have a free way to underlay our floor for the rest of the house. But we saved lots of money!!!

Pretty fancy.


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