Always Guessing

When I became pregnant with our first son, Stephen I was scared. I could not imagine how I would handle more than one child.

How would accomplish anything?

How could I have more love than I already did to share?

The only thing that I wasn’t afraid of was the parenting part. I figured that if I had raised one through scary toddler tantrums and sleepless nights that I had it all figured out.


Boy was I an idiot.

Seven kids later  and I am still an idiot.

They are all so different.

Each child is their own person.

With their own talents and bad moods.


Our youngest son Sean has begun standing on the dishwasher. None of the other children have ever done this.

I can’t help but not smile at him when he does this though, because when he climbs up he always turns and gives me a look that says ” Thought you had it all figured out, right?”


Happy Friday to Everyone.

Hoping that life keeps you always guessing.



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