Monday Musings on Tuesday

Joining in with Nadja at Patch o’ Dirt Farm for Monday Musings!


Right now.

I am pretending it is not Tuesday and that I have not a care in the world. Signs of spring are everywhere here in Virginia. The air is warmer and the gray days are fading. I only want to be outside!

This weekend

This weekend was spent laying more flooring downstairs. We continue to use the newspaper and are pleased with the results. Stephen has had the opportunity to build some real skills and is a pro at using the table saw. Too much time was spent inside watching episodes of Monarch of the Glen on Netflix. I just adore the show and its lovely footage of the gorgeous Scottish Highlands.






Sunday Marc, Moo and Nadia built fairy houses out of twigs and toilet paper rolls. I am happy  to report  that they were more adept at using the glue gun then I. Moo is very proud of hers and has been replenishing fairy food every night.

Some plans for the week:We are preparing to go away for a speech and debate tournament in North Carolina. My oldest children Katie and Stephen are part of a homeschooling forensics group that hold tournaments in the spring. NCFCA is a wonderful group that challenges the kids to become good public speakers. I love the opportunity it has brought to our family. The tournaments are very helpful but tend are three long days. Thankfully the kids have made friends at other tournaments and keep amused.

If I find sometime for myself, I would like to… Watch more episodes of Monarch of the Glen! I am also halfway through reading Free Range children by Lenore Skenazy. It is hilarious but also has given me a lot to think about how we are raising our children and fear.

I am grateful for... spring coming! I am not a big fan of the super humid and hot summers that we have in Virginia but love the early coming of spring.

Something that makes me smile..Super tiny chicken eggs!


Truly we all come in different shapes and sizes!


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