Orange Rhino – No Yelling for 365 days Challenge

I am in.


I am so in.

Have you heard of this challenge?

One of my goals recently has been to stop yelling. I am a ashamed to say that I am a  PRO in the yelling department. Not only do I yell but all of the kids yell.

Even the parrot yells and I am sure if she could so would the guinea pig.


Not cool.

We have a large family and we are loud. Loud and proud. The problem is that what we are yelling..well 90% of it isn’t very nice and its almost always done in anger.

For some time I have felt a nagging feeling to change my ways. I would like to stop myself from flipping out for every stepped on lego( they really hurt!) or every mess I find, or even every time we travel and then find out that 3 of the kids forgot their shoes(unfortunately this is true). I am sad to think that the kids won’t remember any of the fun we have , but only remember my tantrums and yelling.

So, I stumbled upon a great opportunity today when I found this blog. It is the chronicle of a mother who challenged herself to stop yelling for 365 days. She succeeded and is still rolling! Not only does she blog about her trials,she also uses the blog as a way to help others join her challenge and offer support from other fellow yellers along the way. This site has some really good tips to diffuse your flare ups and how to find out just why you are yelling so much. Most of the time it is not the obvious cause, but an underlying one.  If you have a yelling problem like me ( and the parrot ) then you should definitely check this blog out!

I am starting today and  am psyched! (yes I am still 12 and still say this )

I know it will be super hard, and I will probably have to restart about 10 times but the change it will make for my family is huge and that is worth it. I promise to let you in on my progress!


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