Decluttering the you,you think you should be


I read something last week, that has really stuck with me.

Hold on to posseessions that support the you that you are, not the you, you think you should be.

This is HUGE.

Are you like me and buy and accumulate things based on who you once were or who you might some day be? If asked this question I would have said no. Until, I began to survey the possessions that I have.

Um, can I change my answer?

Reality hit when I looked into my closet. Really looked into it.

I opened it up and looked inside.

It really felt as if I was peering into someone else’s closet and not my own!

Where did these things come from and and why did I buy them?

The first step of my purging started with me realizing who I was right now.

I am a homeschool mom of 7 kids.

I stay home with my children and we get pretty messy.

I spill things alot.

I am in shape but doubt I will  ever be a size 2 again. I have been pregnant and nursing for over 13 years total and have hips. I am pretty sure that size 2 and I are never to meet again. So then why do I own clothes that don’t fit me or fit my daily lifestyle? Clothes that stain easily or don’t look good on people with hips?

Failure to live in the present and to be happy there. Plain and simple.

But why? Now is cool. The present is awesome. So why do we always dwell on the past and the future? Not sure, but I am moving on.

I have purged all clothes that don’t fit me, look good, or make me feel good when I wear them. I had always thought I would  wear those jeans someday when I lost weight or that shirt with crazy straps would look good next summer. But the problem is that those days never came.  So, everyday as I passed over those items I was reminded of the weight that I hadn’t lost. Everyday. Sometimes two times a day if it was a messy day.

Well enough of that.

Hopefully all of that thinking has gone out the window with the clothing it was attached to. When I do lose weight I would like the pleasure of buying new things to fit my new body and not have to wear the guilt clothing that has been haunting me for years.

Three more bags off to Goodwill.

The real victory occurred while getting dressed this morning. I was able to open up my closet and easily choose clothing that I liked and fit well (I am still messy but I am ok with that).

My closet is significantly “more roomy” but instead of feeling deprived,  I felt victorious. More space is the icing on the cake!

I challenge you to be the you,you are today and not the you, you think you should be.


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