Being Optimistic-Finding the Silver Lining


Sometimes finding the silver lining is easier said then done.

My husband has just returned to work after being laid off for the last two months.
We were not prepared.
We did not have savings.
We were scared straight.

I am a pretty sure that I spent the first week of the lay off mumbling prayers and covered in hives.

We had to borrow money from family.

We took money from my husband’s retirement account.

We ate lots of rice and beans.

I could go on for about ten minutes talking about the downsides. It wouldn’t help though. In fact it would only make it worse.

After about a week of hanging my head, I was able to stop fretting and actually see the upside of our down situation.

We were able to spend time together.

Actual time as a family.

My husbands previous job involved long hours and lots of time (hours and hours) spent in horrendous DC traffic.

Steve really got to know the kids.

We learned to slow things down a bit.

We learned what are necessities and what aren’t.

My husband connected with family that he hadn’t in a very long time.

His family is awesome and I love them. They are an invaluable part of our lives.

We learned that rice and beans taste really good.

Rice and Beans can be made in many variations.

Finally we learned how important it is to save for emergencies.

Keeping an eye on the positives instead of the negatives is what got us through. Negative thoughts just bring you down deeper and deeper into despair. A big part of simplifying is letting go of the things that bring you down and focusing on the big picture. There will always be hard and stressful situations. Life is hard. But searching for the silver lining instead of the negative is key to living a good life.


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