Taking the pictures off the walls.


I have some weird quirks.

One of them is that if I don’t like you, I take your picture down off the wall.

A bit strange right?

Ever do this? Or maybe secretly wanted to do this?

A few years ago I read something that the FlyLady wrote that really hit home. She said not to keep things that have bad feelings associated with them.

Wow right?


Except I wasn’t buying it at first. I mean how can stuff have feelings?

I soon realized that she was a genius.

Of course, stuff has feelings.

Associated Feelings.

Every time I would walk up the steps to our second floor, my eyes would rest upon a photo taken of my family on vacation a few years ago.  A lovely picture but, the vacation had been anything but. Every time I saw this picture I was reminded of the fight I had with my husband on that trip and how the kids fought the entire time. By the time I would make it to the top of the stairs, I would be in a foul mood.

This would happen every time I went up the steps. Sometimes 20 times a day.

Not cool.

Taking the FlyLady’s advice, I removed the picture and continued to remove other pictures and items that made me sad or angry when I saw them.

I finally had to pitch the basket.

I have this basket. It is a lovely Longaberger basket that I scored at Goodwill for only $1.00 this winter. It was a great deal and is (was) one of my tightwad crowning achievements. The only problem is everytime I looked at this basket, I was not flooded with good feelings. Instead I felt plain rotten. Each time I looked at it I was reminded how horrible I felt when I bought it. My daughter and I had had a horrible fight and I was reliving the fight each time I saw the basket. It had to go.

No item in my house is safe.

If  I don’t like you and we are not getting along your picture is not on my wall.

My happiness is more important than stuff.


Does your stuff have feelings?

I challenge you to take a good look at your possessions and ask your self, “Do I love this?”
Does it make you feel happy when you look at it? When you walk into your living room and gaze upon that lovely painting do you feel happy? Or do you feel anger when you think of the person who gave it you and how you hope you never see them again? If its the latter, pitch it and be done. You will miss the item much less then you will miss the nasty feelings associated with it.

Awesome and Easy right?

No. But give it a try. 


P.S. 6 more bags donated this weekend!


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