Minimalism- I better start scrubbing.

ImageI have a lot of kids. 

They are home all of the time.

They are never still. When they are they are up to something.

There is constant movement, mess making and cacaphony.

Moving and being loud, I am ok with. Its a kid thing. Making a mess all of the time, I am not so ok with. 

There has been a ton of purging and decluttering going on here lately. 


If this were the Toy Story movie, the toys would have already hatched a plan and would be hiding out in a bunker right now, fearful of my next move. 

No joke. 

I feel really good about the progress I am have made so far. This is not something that happens overnight. It is hard work both physically and emotionally. I love discovering new clear spaces throughout the house where there was once piles of stuff. The house even looks bigger, almost too big.

 Turns out clutter is not the only enemy here.

 As I have chipped away at the clutter and plain abundance of stuff all over my house, I have been forced to confront something. 

I am a horrible housekeeper. 

Yep. Just plain horrible. 

Instead of clean gleaming spaces, I have uncovered dust bunnies and cobwebs. 

Instead of gleaming floors and counters, I have footprints and smudges.

Truthfully, I am surprised that the dust bunnies have not joined up with the toys and staged an uprising. If they did we would be outnumbered 40 to 1. 

Clutter is hard to clean. It is cumbersome and gets in the way. In the past I would just ignore these areas. Now they cannot be ignored. At first I almost missed the clutter. Do I really need more cleaning to do?

 I could just cover up the dust and the dirt with stuff again to hide from the mess. This would not help. Like it or not the dirt isn’t  going anywhere. 

 I am not going to let it get me down. I am seeing it as a new opportunity.
Two steps forward no steps back.
 I want my family to enjoy life not be bound by stuff. 

Today I am going to talk with the kids about how we can work on taming the mess. I know I need their help and that they like things clean as well. I do not expect that they are just going to smile and grab a mop. They are my kids after all.

Alas, the dust bunnies and smudges are not going to go away on their own though. The dirt will not magically disappear. If I truly want us to live in a calm(as can be with so many people in one house) clean, clutter free environment I better get moving. Remember, the change I want to see, begins with me. 

I better start scrubbing.



One thought on “Minimalism- I better start scrubbing.

  1. We’ve started a new routine here. Before the kids get to sit and watch a movie (maybe once a day), they all have to help clean up. I’m amazed at how quickly they do it! We keep a small basket of toys downstairs, and once that is full they have to take any extras back up to their rooms. Once I approve, they get to enjoy their movie. I just had one of those moments where they were sitting down to watch, and I was surveying the craziness of clothes, toys, etc. left all over the place while trying to make dinner and wash dishes with the baby in the sling and thought ENOUGH! I’m hoping that starting young will help them establish good habits (even though, admittedly, my husband and I are not the best role models). But with a larger family, it’s a necessity for everyone to pitch in!

    I hope you’re taking before and after pictures! Also, have you ever seen the 12 month decluttering calendar? Just google that…it’s neat! Month-by-month with daily little things to do that add up to a tidier house.

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