Keeping up with the cool kids


High School.

Everyone has a story about high school. Good, bad, or crazy  everyone has them. In high school no matter how much of loaner you were, you still wanted to fit in. Everyone does. There really is no fighting it. Things don’t really change that much when you grow up and become an adult. There is always some new gadget to have or new fashion to follow.

It is an endless cycle.

If you become a parent it gets even worse. Now you are not only chasing after the trends and the cool kids for yourself, now you are also chasing for your kids. It really is crazy. We are so focused on being cool that we miss out on the real meaning of things. How many little babies have you seen with with designer labeled onesies and shoes?

Are you gulity?

Me too.

Does my baby care about designers and fashion? Nope.

I don’t even think we know why we do it anymore. We just keep on keeping on trying to catch up with the cool kids.

I am not just talking about people who follow fashion. If fashion is your thing embrace it and rock on. Follow fashion because you love it. Not just because you think it makes you cool.

This insanity is not strictly limited to fashion. It is everywhere. I am the first person to confess the hours I have spent on Pinterest, drooling over houses and home decor blogs. At first, I start out just looking for ideas or instructions for a craft. I end up being sucked in and, after lots of wasted time, I feel down and inadequate. My house will never look like those houses on those blogs. But, why should I want it to? My house is cool just the way it is. In its disco glory, it is home to my lovely family, where we live life and have lot of fun.

Looking at the pictures and blogs in comparison it seems that it is not good enough.

Insane right?

Embracing minimalism means not worrying about  what the cool kids are doing and being  content with who you are and what you have.

Huge right?

Being happy with what you have and who you are.


I saw this on the Becoming Minimalist Facebook Page a few days ago.

I think the true key to being happiness, is being happy with you have and acknowledging that you are a cool kid after all.



3 thoughts on “Keeping up with the cool kids

  1. We try not to tell our kids that it’s not important to be cool. We encourage them to FEEL cool because they have their own style. I always remember the kids who were truly cool in high school; most people called them nerds, but as an adult I recognize that that guy with the leather jacket and kilt, or the really smart sciencey guy that started an environmental club before anyone was recycling…THEY were cool. And they’re even cooler as adults. So. Knee socks with shorts? Sure! Cowboy boots and a tweed cap? Go for it. It’s all in the attitude, and in how you treat others.

    And yes…Pinterest is a terrible place for mothers to wander…because we’re never good enough (stylish enough, good enough at making professional birthday cakes, etc) My mother thinks mothers in our generation are NUTS and have it really hard because of the pressure we feel to photograph and share everything we do. She used to put smarties on a McCain’s frozen cake. Done! And we loved it.

    • Pinterest is hard to use and not feel inadequate. I like that it helps me find blogs I wouldn’t have otherwise stumbled upon but otherwise I just try to keep away.

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