Sock Happy


There has been a ton of decluttering going on here.

A ton.

So much that the kids are afraid they are next.

It really is quite liberating being rid of so much that we weren’t using. Its not that we ever had so much to begin with. I really don’t think that we are much different from  the average American family. We would keep things that we might use “someday” or save clothes for the next child or books that we might read in the next five years.

I think it really started to bother me when are family started to grow and so did the laundry.

I have seven children.

Each person in our family wearing socks everyday adds up to 63 pairs in a week.

126 socks!

Really it is a lot to keep up with. Even harder when instead of having socks for just the week, you have socks for the month.  And, lets not forget about socks that are mismatched!

We truly had a sock hoard going on here.

No kidding.

Yet, it would not be surprising to see one of my children without socks in January, or perhaps they would have mismatched socks, or wear only one sock at a time.

No joke.

The problem wasn’t that I couldn’t do laundry or that I was lazy. It wasn’t even that my kids didn’t know where the socks were.

We had too much.

Too much.

They just couldn’t choose from so much.

Kids do best with limited choices when they are young. Let them be creative, but limit their choices. When presented with too many choices, a child is confused and would rather not make a choice at all.

To end the sock fiasco in our house, I have instituted the following rules:

1. Each person in the house is only allowed 7 pairs of socks at a time. 

2. From June through September, each child is only to have 2 pairs of socks.

3. All mismatched socks have been thrown away.

Sound a little crazy? Good. Sometimes you need a little craziness to experience real change.

The benefits of my plan will be many. My children will only have enough socks for one week. Because they will only have enough socks for one week, they will hopefully take care of them. If they don’t they will be left without any socks in January until they buy their own.

I feel an important part of being a parent is teaching my children the skills they will need as an adult. One of these is learning to take care of your possessions.

I have limited the amount of socks they have during the summertime, because during the summer, we rarely wear sneakers or boots. We tend to live in flip flops and sandals. They only use socks when they visit the horse farm or perhaps go camping. Otherwise, socks end up getting thrown on the floor and swept back into the laundry. This means that I end up washing unworn socks all summer.

Not fun.

Sound a little crazy? It is, but I know it will work.

I am so excited see minimalism at work in our home!


3 thoughts on “Sock Happy

  1. I love this – it had never occurred to me to add up the sock count. That is a whole lot of laundry in a week, and that’s just socks!!

    • It really is. I was in disbelief when I realized how many socks we had and how much time and I had been wasting trying to match them!

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