White Horse Photography 2013.

White Horse Photography 2013.

As I have been weaving my way down this crazy path toward simplicity, I have been on the search for blogs that highlight the minimalist lifestyle. I was able to find quite a few.

First, I found a lot of blogs authored by people who strive to have only 100 possessions. While I think this is great, I knew I didn’t fit in this club. As i have written before, we use 126 socks in a week. I definitely think that is in violation of their manifesto.

So I moved on and discovered quiet a few blogs written by single men or women who loved to travel and traveled with all of their possessions secured onto their backs.

I found this fascinating but not really a good fit for my mission at this point.

Finally, I came  upon a few blogs that I could really dig into and read for a while.

LovingSimpleLiving is a blog that I really enjoy. Lorilee breaks down the struggles and benefits of the simple lifestyle her family has adopted. Her blog is colorful and real.

BecomingMinimalist is a blog that i came upon from Facebook. The author frequently posts  quotations set into lovely pictures that get shared by the thousands. I love to use this blog as a perfect place to look up any FAQ’s that I might have. There is a TON of information here.

ZenHabits– Leo Babauta is the author of this blog and is the dad to 6 kids. I had to read this one. His blog is very sparse but his content is real. You should definitely spend sometime over in his neck of the woods.

MinimalistMom-I really love this blog. Rachel the author spells it all out in her family’s journey of living with less. She is very clear that minimalism is what you want it to be, not someone else’s vision.

I have been really hard tried to find a blog that talks about Living Minimalism with a large family, which is why I have started blogging about this subject.

Please let me know if you have any questions and please check out one of the blogs above if you are curious about the Minimalist lifestyle. I think you will be surprised to see no two minimalists are alike.


2 thoughts on “Curious?

  1. It’s almost an oxymoron, putting “large family” and “minimalist” together, isn’t it? 🙂 I love the sock comment…I agree. There’s a blog called Rowdy Kittens (I think); the author lives in a “tiny house” and in my fantasies I live there with 100 possessions. As a writing exercise, I made a list of 100 things I’d keep. That’s a LOT to let go of (the stuff that didn’t make the cut!) I’ve heard that large families who do it keep 100 items EACH (which sounds like a lot when multiplied by 6). I wonder if it includes “necessities” like certain utensils, items of clothes, etc. I hang onto piles of dishes for the occasional parties we throw, blankets in case we have overnight guests (where would I put them??) and so on…it’s the “just in case” items we really need to part with!

    • I have had to really try hard to get rid of someone of these things. I hold on to some blankets in addition to the ones we already use. I have limited our dishes. Right now we have about 10 big plates and bowls. It has been forcing us to do the dishes more often. I have a large extended family ( 2 step children and 6 grandchildren ) that visit often. We always have enough,we just manage. If I have to buy paper plates once ( I know a dirty word ) then I will. I think even having 100 things each would be way to much for us. Being that we are a large family there are alot of things that we share. So even though we are a house of 9, we only need a few pots and pans. Not that much different than if we were just a couple. I am really surprised at the things we never use. Best of luck on your journey. Letting go is very hard and can be very emotional. Feels pretty great though to have time to play and do school work and not feel so stressed about straightening up. We still have messes but they are much quicker to clean up.

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