Decluttering is more than just filling up donation bags



I donated my 67th trash bag yesterday.

It felt like such an accomplishment. 

Each bag, filled with at least 20 items, sometimes more. That is a crazy amount of things.

In addition, I have purged at least 30 bags of trash alone.

Seeing the space that has been created, I can hardly fathom that we ever had that much “stuff” in our house. That much that wasn’t wanted or needed.

67 bags of stuff. Just stuff. Gone in an instant. It didn’t take many long months or lots of long hours.

It just took having a plan and initiative. 

I know its not easy. 

We have so much emotional attachment to stuff it is unreal. I am guilty.100% Guilty. A filled to the brim house makes us feel rich,full and content. 

But does it really? 

Do you feel content, every time you have to brace yourself from fallen items every time you open a closet? Every time you wasted a Saturday morning organizing and dusting things you didn’t need or really want.

I didn’t.

In fact, I still find myself doing it every time I open the coat closet in our hallway. This closet has been filled to the brim since we moved here. It is an easy place to store items that we feel we need but don’t want to deal with. I confess that I have been hit in the head several times by the two irons on the top shelf of this closet.

No joke. 

I have only ironed 6 times in the last three years, yet it took me 3 years and 4 bumps on the head to finally remove them. 

Silly right? 

But true. Are you guilty of this too? Do you let stuff make you happy? 

Now to be clear I am not talking about items you truly cherish and love. These items by definition are not “stuff” but treasure, a clear difference. I am talking about the stuff you have that just fills up space. Lots of bags, shoes, ugly pictures, 5000 mugs and plates. 

Are you guilty?

If you are than I challenge you to fill a bag today. Real quick. Grab a trash bag or a box and run through the house and don’t stop until its filled. Don’t think, just grab. Then take the box and put it into the car. Don’t give yourself time to think about it. Just go. 

You will feel so good when you are finished! Remember stuff will always be stuff. Don’t let it way you down. 

Be strong. 

Best of Luck and let me know how you did. 


6 thoughts on “Decluttering is more than just filling up donation bags

    • I know it sounds insane right? We still have so much more to declutter. I realized that my constant stepping on toys or over toys or piles of clothes was causing me to have no patience at all with my kids. My patience has gotten a bit greater as I declutter.

  1. When we moved to our farm, I had a month to pack. I had a 3 year old, a 1 year old, and was pregnant. I packed everything. Many of those boxes are STILL sitting in the barn, 5 years later, and although I occasionally wonder about a book I haven’t seen since we moved, I know that none of it is anything I need. We’ve filled the attic, sun porch, garage, and summer kitchen with crap. Really! Apparently, the more space you have, the more stuff you accumulate. Then people say, “Oh, she’s a knitter…she’ll want these two old knitting machines!” and there they sit in my attic. Now the hardest part is finding the time. I have the will to part with much of it but not the time! But that will come when our fourth babe is a bit bigger. I love the feeling. The best part is that my mom usually comes out to help me, and we load HER car up. Easy peasy.

    • It is really hard to find time to carve out piles. I just do it quickly as soon as I find a quiet moment. I just grab a bag and go. That way I always have a little success every day. Some days I have more time and fill more bags. It is easy to fill a bigger house. The house is not the biggest but we had it filled with stuff. Lots of clothes for no reason. People who mean well can be a hinderance, but I never want to turn down hand me downs or could be treasures. I have learned to turn these things over the quickest. I make it my priority to through hand me down bags asap and whatever I don’t love goes straight to Goodwill.

  2. 67 bags! impressive! I do know that feeling of freeing yourself, But 67 bags!! Nice! You must be floating!
    I am moving to a smaller space, I had already jumped head on into minimalism before I started to move, But know I am pushing through as moving day approaches.
    Gook luck!!

    • Good for you! It is rather freeing. We definitely have less stuff, but still have more. With 9 of us in the house we will always have more than some, but we are definitely on the road to minimalism. I cannot believe we had so much stuff. Moving is a really great motivator. Best of luck in your new space.

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