Hiding from the dishes



I am not a big fan of doing the dishes. I have been known to hide from them.

In fact, I am pretty sure that doing the dishes is the worst chore that has ever existed. 


Far worse than cleaning the bathroom.

I have tried for years to figure out ways to avoid doing the dishes. None of my plans have proved successful. Turns out they are a necessary evil.

There was a short time, after reading about the Duggar’s, that we used only paper products, this worked for a bit but I found it only created more garbage and that didn’t jive with my green side. 

Thankfully we have a dishwasher.

That doesn’t seem to make it better but I know that having to do all of these dishes by hand would send me into insanity. In fact, there was a short time where we lived in a house without one.

This was a very dark time that I try very hard not to remember.

Doing the dishes is not fun. 

It takes too long and is messy and dirty. 

I decided last week, that with all of the simplifying that has been going on here lately, it was finally time to conquer the kitchen. This was not a particularly difficult task. I have never been much of a kitchen hoarder. In less than an hour, I was able to scale down most of our cooking utensils and knives. I also addressed our plates and bowls. 

It turned out that we had way too many! 

Cups as well. We had enough to feed an army!

 Perhaps this is why I hate doing the dishes? We just have too many! 

Genius right? 

Not really, but it has really made a difference. 

We now have 10 bowls, 10 large plates and 10 small plates. I kept a few more than 10 cups because we use only glass mason jars and we tend to break about one a week. We have only 5 mugs. 

To some of you this may sound a bit crazy. What about when company comes, or for parties? Well, we do have a very large family that we see fairly often. When they visit I will be prepared with compostable paper products to use. We don’t see them enough  to keep a never ending stockpile of dishes, just for visits and parties. What happens when we have too much, is we end up using 7 cups each per day, or several plates. This is not cool. Pretty sure this is why I hate doing the dishes.  

I have also scaled down our knives. I have three sharp knives that I use for food prep. I had 13.

 I don’t think we have even used  some of them and we have had them for over 12 years.

It has been about 4 days since I downsized our dishes.

I have to say I like it.  

In fact I LOVE IT.

Now, I make sure that the dishwasher is filled after every meal. Emptying the dishwasher is so much easier,now that I don’t have to deal with an insane amount of dishes to put away. I am amazed at how quickly I can do it now! I am a speed demon! I think it also helps that I have stopped complaining while I empty as well. 

Just saying. 


As for cups, the kids have started keeping track of their glasses a bit more. A bit. This will take time. 

I am so happy that I have simplified my kitchen. This minimalism thing is pretty awesome.

The moral of this simplifying tidbit is, Less is best! 



3 thoughts on “Hiding from the dishes

  1. About two weeks after our fourth child was born, the dishwasher croaked. And I just never got around to getting it fixed. Then I did. Then it croaked again, and now I’m just in the rhythm of washing the dishes. Of course, my husband intends to do the last load of the day, but he’s so SLOW at it that I can hardly bear it. I often say, “Just leave them; I’ll do them in the morning”…then the morning comes and I curse my self of the night before for putting it off because few things are worse than starting the day with a sink full of dishes. Blah! Necessary evil. LOVE reading about your minimalizing efforts. I may just do the same thing. My mom knows my taste and often brings dishes from auctions and yard sales…little mismatched things that I do indeed love. But do I need them? Certainly not. Time to purge!

    • Life is more fun with pretty dishes. I am guilty of keeping mismatched pretty dishes but only a few. They do tend to get broken though. We have broken 2 in the last 24 hours.

  2. Get yourself to the store and buy each kid their own water bottle! I use the $1 ones with the pull top lid for my 8 children. I get them at Family Dollar or W’mart. Each had their own color but now each has something to distinguish it from the rest. No more endless cups and they can reach in for their water without having to ask.
    I also just read your 2 am Walmart post. I shop for two weeks for my crew. It does take some planning but I use the pantry principle and it works great. I go to Aldi first then Sam’s. I fill the back of our 12 passenger (recently downsized from a 15 passenger) and we eat well. I buy cartons of apples/potatoes/bananas/oranges (not all at once) from the produce supply place. I am pretty sure I would rather eat mud pies than go shopping at 2 am.
    Ok, my advice is over. But look around for some large family blogs and you will get tons of ideas. Much better than reinventing the wheel yourself. As far as living in the DC area, well, you have my condolences. I grew up in Vienna, VA/Tyson’s Corner area. Uh, we live in Ohio now.

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