Walmart at 2am or How I loathe living in a one car family


I am not a fan of being a one car family.


No matter what the other minimalists say, I am not buying it.

Having only one car is gross. It is inconvenient and plain not fun.

Especially if you live in the middle of a suburb area where there are not any sidewalks. And you have 7 children, who eat like 14 children, and you need to go to the grocery store all the time.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my husband’s layoff from work and how we survived. He was able to find a new job.

A job is always good, but this one is missing one of the fringes that he has always had. A work truck. This means that for now he has to use our van.

This would be doable, except my husband leaves for work very early in the morning to avoid traffic and to begin his long commute to work. In the afternoon, he treks back from work, but because traffic is, the beast that rules the world in these parts, his 50 mile drive home takes about 3 hours.

So not cool.

This means that if we want to spend anytime together as a family, I cannot run to the store to do errands as soon as he returns home. Instead this new arrangement  has resulted in a new past time for me.

Shopping at Walmart at 2am.

No joke.

At 2am in the morning, while you are nestled snug in your beds, I am am strolling through the local Walmart gathering sustenance for my family.

I am not sure how it became 2am. I just tend to doze off after chasing after the circus all day and end up waking up around 2, just in time to run out to Wally World before my husband needs to head to work again.

First let me point out that Walmart is never my first choice. I really feel that is a quite nasty company, who is not good to their employees. However, when food is to be purchased after 11pm in these parts, Walmart is the only option.

Walmart at 2am is an experience.

First,let me say that I don’t actually think that they want you to shop there at night. I believe this for a few reasons.

1. All of the aisles are crammed full with cartons and boxes and carts that they are using to restock making them unmanueverable to shop in.

2. The employees pretend like you are not there and refuse to move out of the way when you are trying to shop and maneuver your cart around the towers of cartons strewn everywhere.

3. Most of the shelves are empty.

Despite, these issues I have continued to shop at this time. It is a necessary evil.

As I always there is a silver lining. While the shopping conditions are certainly not the best, I have encountered some curious circumstances while shopping that deserve mention.

Several employees in the dairy section like to sing acapella.

The employees in the cereal section are gossips.

Everyone takes a break at 2:30. The first time I went shopping at this time, the store was just about empty. I couldn’t find anyone. No shoppers, no employees, just empty aisles strewn with boxes and carts. It  made me think of the Zombie Apocolypse shows that my son Stephen is so fond of. I have seen the real thing and it is kind of freaky.

Turns out that all of the employees were on break. ( still freaky)

Once you are finished shopping, it is really hard to check out and leave (kind of like the Hotel California). On the last few occasions, the registers have been blocked and unable to find a way to checkout I finally had to startle someone who was “resting” on a bench near the registers to check out my purchases. (They were pretty annoyed that I disturbed their rest. )

Sometimes employees sleep in the shoe department.

Finally,  Walmart like Wegmans is not the easiest place to shop. All of the items you need are placed at opposite ends of the gigantic store forcing you to pass through departments such as Electronics or Crafts just to buy kitty litter. Really not fun.

No joke.

On a positive not, I have become quiet an efficient shopper. Hanging out and wandering through the aisles does not have a big lure at this time of night. Despite the Acapella.

As for the “people of Walmart” who are supposed to be famous late night shoppers, I have yet to see anyone. So far I am the freakiest person shopping at our Walmart late at night.

Enough said.


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