The story of the lost tooth



My dear Nadia lost her first tooth this weekend.

This was quite a monumental event.  You see, she has been waiting and waiting fairly patiently for a visit from the tooth fairy.

So hard when you have to watch your older siblings lose a tooth just about every week. (Moo has been a marathon tooth loser lately).

 I knew she would be delighted when her tooth started being loose on Saturday. 

She was anything but delighted. 

In fact, she sobbed for about a half an hour afterwards, claiming she was not ready for this yet and blabbering about how she was swearing off corn on the cob for EVER. 

Once I was able to cuddle her and assure her that she was many years away from middle age( even though she claimed she was there), she was happy to wiggle her tooth all day long. 

Yesterday it finally popped out and we wrapped it in a tissue for the tooth fairy’s visit. 

The only problem was that it didn’t stay wrapped up. 

After dinner, Nadia came up to me with a rather large toy gun and asked if I could please remove her tooth from it. 

No joke.

When I calmly asked her how her tooth got stuck in the gun, she told me that she had thought it would make a good bullet until the tooth fairy needed it. 

Unfortunately, the said tooth could not be unearthed so the above note was written in hopes that it would please the tooth fairy.

I also suggested that perhaps she could find a better thing to use as a substitute bullet. 

Thankfully the tooth fairy obliged and all is well. 


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