The thrill of the hunt


I have become the Queen of Decluttering.


The Queen.

While, decluttering has always been kind of easy for me, now it is more than easy. It is a way of life.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. What is this crazy person talking about?

Well, by way of life I mean that, I have gone over the hump. The hump where I feel the need to cling to my possession, because I need them to feel hole or secure. ( are you sure you don’t feel this way?) Realizing that I am me and still pretty cool without my “stuff” is a pretty awesome feeling.

It really is only half the battle though.

There are more hurtles to go over.

I am ready.

The hurtle that I need to face next is probably the most difficult. Decluttering has nothing on this baby.

The next hurtle is getting past “The thrill of the hunt”.

Got me?

The thrill of the hunt.

Scary right?

Do you crave the thrill of the hunt? That rush you get when you get a good deal? Your favorite designer shoes on clearance? Bogo on your favorite makeup? A pair of Birkenstocks in fabulous condition at a yard sale for 25 cents?

The thrill or adrenaline rush that occurs when you find a good deal is the best.

Nothing beats the rush of a good deal.

The best and addicting.

I love the thrill and the bragging rights that come with getting a good deal. I am pretty sure this is why I began to love yard saling so much. Not only was I getting good deals, I was doing so for only a few dollars so on the surface it seemed that all was good right?


This thrill becomes addicting.

Am I the only one?

Have you ever seen a fabulous sweater that was on sale and the sale was so great you bought one in every color? Even though you didn’t need that many sweaters ever?

If you have, then you my friend are like me, addicted to the thrill of the hunt.

Loving this  rush, has led me to amass a great deal of stuff that I really didn’t need, but that gave me bragging rights that I just had to have.

Bragging rights are awesome. They are almost primal to our human existence.

But this isn’t a good thing.

I have been working really,really hard to combat this tendency, but Dude, its hard.

I still use yard saling as a way to purchase items that we need at home,but in order to get out of my rut, I have enlisted the following few rules.

Rules for Controlling the Thrill of the hunt

  1. Limit shopping time I no longer yard sale for hours and hours on Saturday. Setting up time constraints prevents me from buying too much.
  2. Making a list Making a list might sound of cheesy, but I love a good list. I also let one of the kids know that I have one and they just love holding me accountable to it. Nothing like a bunch of littles asking me if I really need that, to squash the good ole bargain rush.
  3. Money Since being laid off we haven’t exactly been rolling in the dough, but I have found that this sometimes makes it even harder to avoid a good deal. The easiest way to do this has been to bring only a limited amount of cash. Limited. I only bring a few dollars with me in my wallet and no bank cards. Those ATMs are everywhere! That way when the money is gone, its gone and I have no guilt.

These three rules have really helped with my Hunt obsession.

If you have the same trouble, I challenge you to give one or all of them a try.

Your house and your wallet will thank you for it.


Being Optimistic-Finding the Silver Lining


Sometimes finding the silver lining is easier said then done.

My husband has just returned to work after being laid off for the last two months.
We were not prepared.
We did not have savings.
We were scared straight.

I am a pretty sure that I spent the first week of the lay off mumbling prayers and covered in hives.

We had to borrow money from family.

We took money from my husband’s retirement account.

We ate lots of rice and beans.

I could go on for about ten minutes talking about the downsides. It wouldn’t help though. In fact it would only make it worse.

After about a week of hanging my head, I was able to stop fretting and actually see the upside of our down situation.

We were able to spend time together.

Actual time as a family.

My husbands previous job involved long hours and lots of time (hours and hours) spent in horrendous DC traffic.

Steve really got to know the kids.

We learned to slow things down a bit.

We learned what are necessities and what aren’t.

My husband connected with family that he hadn’t in a very long time.

His family is awesome and I love them. They are an invaluable part of our lives.

We learned that rice and beans taste really good.

Rice and Beans can be made in many variations.

Finally we learned how important it is to save for emergencies.

Keeping an eye on the positives instead of the negatives is what got us through. Negative thoughts just bring you down deeper and deeper into despair. A big part of simplifying is letting go of the things that bring you down and focusing on the big picture. There will always be hard and stressful situations. Life is hard. But searching for the silver lining instead of the negative is key to living a good life.