Kicking the Haters to the curb-dealing with Emotional Clutter


There are many types of clutter.

Material clutter, physical clutter, mental clutter and emotional clutter.

In the last few months, I have been hard at work releasing myself and our house from material clutter. While this has been quite a battle to be fought, I have been making excellent headway and the differences in our space is amazing.

Less stuff seriously equals more time.

I still feel cluttered though.

I have begun to look into ways that my life is cluttered in other ways.

Emotional clutter is a big one.

Emotional clutter whats that you ask?

Emotional clutter can be  so  many things.

  • Negative thoughts and feelings that we associate with other people
  • Dwelling on the should of, would of, could ofs
  • Certain people in your life who constantly bring you drama or negative feelings
  • Plaguing thoughts of inadequacy and self-doubt

These are only some of the aspects of Emotional clutter that can take over your life.

Looking at this list I know exactly where so much of my emotional clutter stems from. I have a problem with allowing other people in my life to rock my peace and bring me constant drama and negative feelings.

It’s not their fault though, its mine.

Yup, I am the one who is allowing them to infiltrate my peace. I am the one who allows it to happen therefore, I am the only one who can stop it.

So, this week, I am making it a goal of mine to weed out the haters in my life.

Out they go.

Just like the bags and bags or physical clutter I have bagged up and donated these last few months. I am going to take these people and cross them off my list.

I know this is not easy and I already feel a bit of a void from removing them.

There have been tears.

BUT, I would rather have an empty space that I can fill with happiness and contentment than one that is constantly filled with hate and drama.

Do you have people or Emotional clutter like this in your life?

Do you feel strong enough to release yourself from them?